The health of our mamas is our first priority. 

From quality food and supplements to incredible care and attention from our reproduction specialist doctors, we support their wellness and fertility from a holistic and preventative approach. We pour our heart into improving the genetics of each litter through AI, which allows us to hand pick any stud across the US that will best compliment our females and which pass all health clearances. Because we are working with science and nature, things don't always work out according to plan. We will always do our best to honor your preferred timing to welcome a puppy home and promise to communicate well if a carefully created plan doesn't pan out.

CASey x quinn




We are grateful to Ken and Pam at Goose Nest Labradors for allowing us the opportunity to use Quinn for Casey's final litter. Quinn is the epitome of true english style and we look forward to laid back "perfect Casey puppies" from this duo. Full black litter planned, take home date in October.


fern x TBD


MALE Coming soon

Hearthstones Double C Fern and male coming soon

Fern will be bred for an all yellow litter, stud TBD. Take home will be in October. Send in an application to get your spot on our deposit list!

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Our family is forever grateful that we found Jenna and her passion and pride of Hearthstone. From the very first interaction I felt Jenna was an expert, humble, patient, dedicated and discerning. Working with Jenna, and having our hearthstone pup is one of the best decisions my family has made. The care and commitment Jenna gives her mamas and the pups makes a lifetime of difference. Wherever we take our Moose people comment on his temperament and intelligence. Plus our girls love that he’s a cuddle and reading buddy! 

Meghan | Indiana

Crissy | Tennessee 

I'm so thankful that I came across Jenna's page. Our Honey girl is the smartest, sweetest puppy. At 13 weeks she's already house/crate trained, knows how to sit, lay down, stay, come, paw, no, walk on a leash, and fetch. She's truly been the most perfect addition to our family and we couldn't image not having this sweet, yellow fur ball to love on every day. If you are looking for a trustworthy breeder, you've come to the right place.

I am so pleased with my new family member from Hearthstone, he’s an awesome puppy! Jenna was an absolute joy to work with she is so caring, knowledgeable and answered all the questions I had! I have owned a lot of Labs and he has a great mix of playfulness and yet he also has a very calm side to him. We love him and would highly recommend Hearthstone Labradors!

sandi | Washington

As a small puppy culture breeder based in Michigan, we are passionate about raising English Labradors with high quality genetics, health clearances and emotional intelligence to be your life-long companions. 


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