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When we lost our senior lab in 2022, we began the search for our new fur baby. We came across many breeders and none compared to Jenna. The love and care that she pours into her puppies is evident in the sweet, loving and wonderful dog that we have. Roxy is the sweetest dog we’ve owned and we have no doubt the ENS that Jenna does with the puppies has tremendous benefits. Roxy is extremely gentle with our 4 children and has the perfect personality. 
We are so thankful to Jenna and Hearthstone Labs for our beautiful girl and her high standards of breeding. Roxy is a precious and valuable member of our family! Thank you, Jenna!



Sailor is 4 and the sweetest, goofiest, lovable lab there ever was. Through the use of ENS (early neurological stimulation) and puppy culture it was apparent that Sailor had already gotten a head start on developing her personality and love of people. She is extremely friendly and has yet to meet someone who doesn’t instantly fall in love with her. I am often stopped by people who comment on how gorgeous and true to the English breed she is. If you’re looking for a family companion, working dog, therapy dog, or just your next best friend, I encourage you to look no further. Hearthstone breeds the perfect temperament for all the above and more. The other amazing thing about Hearthstone is the community that comes from being the proud owner of these puppies. There is a whole network of dog parents who stay in contact after bringing their dogs home and we have grown to know each other so deeply we’ve become extended family. There is no greater gift than joining the Hearthstone family! 



I was so careful in choosing a breeder & did months of research. Everyone has their own fit & I found mine. Hearthstone Labradors raised Leo with such intention, commitment & fierce love during his first 8 weeks & I am forever indebted to Jenna, her husband & each member of her “team” who helped guide Leo to give him the very best possible start in life. Recovering from a breast cancer experience I so desperately needed the joy & love of life he brought me. He is my very best friend & snuggle buddy. He is incredibly intelligent & has excelled in nose work training. Hearthstone is excellent in their care to create ethical & intentional breeding. I will always choose Jenna & her breeding program!



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Hearthstone puppies are confident and adaptable, leading with curiosity not anxiety.

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As a small puppy culture breeder based in Michigan, we are passionate about raising English Labradors with high quality genetics, health clearances and emotional intelligence to be your life-long companions. 


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