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We are Lucas and Jenna McPeck and along with our young kiddos, we reside in rural West Michigan. Our little hobby farm is the perfect spot to raise a family as well as our three labradors, Casey, Sylvie and Fern. We find a lot of value in keeping our kennel small to ensure that our mama's get the best care and attention. Our passion is to provide families with quality companions that excel in health, conformation and temperament.


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Our passion is to provide families with quality companions that excel in health, conformation and temperament. We strive to lay a solid foundation both genetically and neurologically to ensure a confident, adaptable and healthy puppy for life. We take great pride in every litter, carefully combining Champion bloodlines full of proven dogs and pedigrees. The puppies are lovingly handled from birth, raised in our home around children, exposed to cats and other animals on our farm, given Early Neurological Stimulation and Puppy Culture training, all before they're 8 weeks. Please see more details on how we raise our puppies HERE. We are honored to take part in raising your new best friend! 

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Jenna is a breeder of integrity and transparency. After I got a puppy with genetic issues elsewhere, I was very careful. What a blessing to find Hearthstone Labradors, where I had the most wonderful experience possible. We could not be more pleased with this dog who is an ideal match for us. She has a playful personality, mellow temperament, and a strong, healthy body. Thank you Jenna.

Sharyn | Washington

Crissy | Tennessee 

I'm so thankful that I came across Jenna's page. Our Honey girl is the smartest, sweetest puppy. At 13 weeks she's already house/crate trained, knows how to sit, lay down, stay, come, paw, no, walk on a leash, and fetch. She's truly been the most perfect addition to our family and we couldn't image not having this sweet, yellow fur ball to love on every day. If you are looking for a trustworthy breeder, you've come to the right place.

I am so pleased with my new family member from Hearthstone, he’s an awesome puppy! Jenna was an absolute joy to work with she is so caring, knowledgeable and answered all the questions I had! I have owned a lot of Labs and he has a great mix of playfulness and yet he also has a very calm side to him. We love him and would highly recommend Hearthstone Labradors!

sandi | Washington

Our puppies are true to the English standard and happily living all throughout the United States as family companions and service dogs. Their loving and food motivated personality makes them a dream to train and you can't help but fall in love at first sight! 

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Introducing gentle neuro-exercises at 3 days old has become an instrumental part of our breeding program and ultimately a key to our Hearthstone puppies success. There are six positions that include tactile and thermal stimulation from day 3-16, forming strong pathways in their brain on how to appropriately handle stress in life. Studies show that benefits of this method, also known as "Bio Sensor", include greater resistance to disease, improved cardiovascular performance, more tolerance to stress, stronger adrenal glands and stronger heart beats. 

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We stand behind our puppies and are always available for any questions you may have over their lifetime. 

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As a small puppy culture breeder based in Michigan, we are passionate about raising English Labradors with high quality genetics, health clearances and emotional intelligence to be your life-long companions. 


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