When I was 10 years old, our family brought home our very first puppy, a yellow lab named Jed. Sadly, he suffered from severe hip and elbow dysplasia. Through our experience with him I recognized the crucial need to create an environment from birth, a solid foundation that allows puppies to thrive for life (in turn, the family benefits by not having to worry about health!). 

How it all started

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Having Jed ultimately fueled my passion in creating a breeding program with a strong focus on genetics, management and nutrition. When my husband and I got married, he gladly joined my mission in improving the breed and loves playing endless games of fetch with the girls, training, fixing and building areas as needed and is all around the best support. Now 4 years later, our children join us. They love feeding the dogs, playing with them outside, holding puppies and it turns out that they are pretty good at providing lots of noise as the puppies ears open. Being exposed to a variety of sounds at an early age is important in cultivating a good startle/recovery response. They join in on all of our tri-weekly puppy training sessions with our certified dog trainer, Brooke. Our three year old daughter adores Brooke's visits and helps teach clicker training, resource guarding and many other lessons. I'm thankful for our little "team" that's formed over the years; our common goal being confident, adaptable puppies.

My husband and I knew we wanted an English lab, and we really wanted to find a breeder that was a good fit. After lots of research we found Hearthstone and we are SO glad we did. Jenna is so sweet and was so communicative throughout the entire process. We were expecting a yellow male from a Fall litter but when Jenna ended up with a miracle yellow male in Spring she reached out to us and we are so lucky to have him. Our lab, Bodey, is the sweetest boy with such great temperament and the biggest personality. He took to training so quickly too. We love being part of the Hearthstone family.

Amanda | Illinois 

The care that she puts into her puppies and her dogs throughout their entire lives show what a wonderful breeder she is. Everything from spending the time with the puppies, ensuring they receive Socialization and stimulation from birth to talking with her potential clients to make sure that they get a match that is just right for them, to providing her clients with advice on everything from dog food to supplements, and of course, staying involved throughout the lives of her pups. Not to mention the quality of the dog is outstanding. I can’t tell you how many compliments we have gotten on Ryder and what a beautiful boy he is. If you are lucky enough to have a Hearthstone lab, you are truly blessed and a member of the family for life.

Abby | Pennsylvania 

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As a small puppy culture breeder based in Michigan, we are passionate about raising English Labradors with high quality genetics, health clearances and emotional intelligence to be your life-long companions. 


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